Special Ayam Bakar Recipe

Special Ayam Bakar Recipe – Material or grilled chicken seasoning is quite simple and easy to come by and usually your existing kitchen, Living buy fresh chicken and this is how to make the most easy and fast. Recipes can be cooked for daily as dishes for the family and a daily distraction. Mothers at home can be easily made.

Tips on How to make roast chicken with seasoning tasty and spicy sauce savory tasty delicious nan. The most rather complicated is burnt just prepare for this  but to get something special you need full dong struggle.

The main ingredient
1 chickens more fitting cut 8 pieces
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
2 stalks lemongrass, digeprek or crushed
5 lime leaves
2 cm galangal, digeprek or crushed
4 bay leaves
8 tablespoons sweet soy sauce brand of any kind
4 tablespoons tamarind water Java
250 ml coconut milk, taken from 1 coconut
2 tablespoons cooking oil brand what saj

Marinade mashed
7 cloves of garlic
10 shallots
3 large red chilies
1 tablespoon cilantro, roasted first
2 teaspoons cumin, roasted first
1 cm fresh ginger
2 cm fresh kencur
1 cm turmeric, burned
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon ground pepper
3 tablespoons brown sugar, powdered thinly sliced

How to cook
First of all fresh chicken should be washed and then coat with lime juice that has been provided as well as salt, letting it settle for 15 minutes, then wash and re-cock and drain it dry. Heat a little cooking oil, saute the ingredients are crushed before until fragrant, then enter the chicken also lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal and last leaves, cook until the chicken changes color.
If you’ve changed the color of the water Put tamarind also add soy sauce on top just enough, stir-stir until chicken is tender, then please lift.
The final step that determines – Roasted / grilled chicken until dark / mature (must use the feeling), at the time of baking spread with remaining seasoning. it’s done

Previous read well here ya grilled chicken meal has been finished this, everything can be done alone or the help of others, is the most exciting and steady if the show-do that would be more exciting and santapnya with spicy soy sauce.


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