Lets Try to Cooking Cireng and Pie Susu

Lets Try to Cooking Cireng and Pie Susu – Cake is a dish that is liked by almost all people in Indonesia. Creamy texture and sweet taste and delicious This makes the culinary connoisseur of food enjoyed this one. Simple cake which is used as a snack in your free time is indeed often a meal to look forward to, especially for the fans. Well, for mothers who want to try the Steamed Cake do not forget to continue reading this article yes, bun!

Bolu Steamed steamed cake or one cake or a steamed cake made from eggs and flour are mixed by means of processing in steamed. While this is indeed a lot of sellers steamed chocolate cake was good in the market and in pastry shops. Actually, steamed cake recipe itself is quite simple and practical. You just need a tool such as a mixer for mixing. To make this Steamed Cake also takes only 30-45 minutes.

The first step is to mix ingredients such as eggs and sugar, and mix using the mixer while stirring until evenly distributed. Also add the vanilla, salt and emulsifier, and then returned to the mixer and dough evenly mixed.
After that, take some dough, then mix used cooking oil to taste.
Then add the flour to the dough in the mixer was while stirring evenly, then mix with the dough has been mixed with cooking oil.
The next step is to prepare the pan first, then use a pad of paper rolls and apply butter to taste.
Then pour the entire dough in the pan and steam for 20 minutes. kue lumpur.


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