Pilihlah Rendang Daging Segar Untuk Memasak

Pilihlah Rendang Daging Segar Untuk Memasak – Some traits that can be found in this fruit is this plant has a height of about 3-8 meters, shaped shrubs, is an annual plant, plant stems hard, and has many ramifications. Leaves including single leaf, with green colored oval shape and shiny on the surface, while the lower part is rather pale green colored leaves.

Seeding or seeding kiwi fruit can be done in a way sow the seeds of kiwi. To help speed up the process of seeding, the seeds of the kiwi fruit we soak it first in warm water, then we dry. After that the seeds we save wrapped with tissue or cotton for one night. After that we remove the seeds earlier and start kit seedlings on the ground.

Good medium for seeding is soil humus. To do that we had scattered seeds evenly on the ground and let stand for ten days (until the sprouts and the leaves begin to grow). Keep in mind also that during the process of seeding should the seeds had been given shade to avoid direct sunlight.

How to maintain the plant species are classified as standard as other types of plants. Maintenance can be done with a weeding of plants that can be done once a month or depending on the intensity of weeds, tilling the soil which can be carried out simultaneously with the weeding, watering is done regularly and do not let the water dry, fertilization can be done by giving a good organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, the formation tree with cut branches or rantirng yan dense and unhealthy, and the protection of plants against pests and diseases.


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