Sajian Semur Ayam Lengkap Bumbunya

Sajian Semur Ayam Lengkap Bumbunya – Nut crops is one of the tropical plants are quite popular in Indonesia. Its presence is geographically spread across the south and south east asia asia such as Thailand and India. Plants included in species of palm – paleman or Arecaceae has many benefits for daily life – today. Nut tree leaves are used to treat pain and lack of appetite. Areca husk useful to treat give – give, and indigestion. While the betel nut can be used to treat malaria, diarrhea, and intestinal worms. With so many benefits and functions, this plant has a value large enough as a business commodity in the market.

Choosing Trees Growing Habitat Pinang
If you want to cultivate nut tree, the first step to do is provide a place to grow accordingly. Choosing the appropriate land is very influential for optimal growth of nut trees. Land most suitable for nut trees is low-lying land, ranging between 600 and 1000 m above sea level. Because it is a tropical plant, tree nut also requires a climate with rainfall and high humidity. Provide tanh with acidity ranging between 4-8 PH. Try to perform the irradiation for 6-8 hours per day in order to be stronger trees and plants are not sticking too high.

Sprouts grow a tree Pinang
The first step you must do after having land is reaping the seeds – seeds of palms so that germination. Plant seeds in the ground nut to land you deep as half a meter distances docked with the advance of the other seeds. Siramlah the seeds twice a day every morning and evening. Do not expose the seeds to direct matahri rays. Be made a patron or some sort of an umbrella to protect the growth of the betel nut. Keep the soil germination of pests or weeds to fence off the land. This process will continue for about 1.5 – 2 moon.

Seeding process Pinang
Once you find the land in accordance with the terms – the optimal growing condition, the next step is to perform the process of seeding. There are two main stages in the process of breeding areca tree. The first stage is to prepare a poly bag measuring 15 cm high. Give a hole in the bottom of the poly bag and fill it with soil up to 2/3. Polybag seedlings on and wait until the plant reaches the age of 5 months. The second phase is done by moving the nut seedlings over into the new polybag volume 6 kg and has filled up to 2/3 of fertile soil. Do not forget to flush and members of type NPK fertilizer with a dose of approximately 20g per polybag.


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