Sajikan Sayur Lodeh Segar Untuk Keluarga

Sajikan Sayur Lodeh Segar Untuk Keluarga – Fortunately for us who were born in tropical countries like Indonesia. Because in addition to having extensive natural beauty also has abundant natural resources such as herbs that can be used as a cooking ingredient that is full of flavor. Also rich in a wide variety of exotic fruits and only encounter in tropical dareh. Enjoyment of the fruits in Indonesia in addition to having many properties also become an attraction for foreign tourists visiting Indonesia. Many ways to enjoy fruits, namely by eating the fruit directly, making it the material of juice, make a fruit salad typical of Indonesia namely Rujak, or by mixing them into a refreshing fruit soup.

Here, a variety of menus many until confused mesennya. From start-indomie Indomie’s, dessert-dessertan up snacks like cireng !!!! the typical emang Bandung really! Finally Ceritaperut team also brought a variety of orders, tapi was night and had dinner: D

Some of which we certainly catchy message One of the menu is Orgasm !!! wahh from its name already challenged nih: D It turns out this is a dessert with a mix of super diverse. Uniquely here ga-made ice cream but made sorbet! Sorbet is kind of like an ice cream its low fat once! The most healthy in between ice cream and gelato! So ga deh gembull be afraid to eat it: D

Eh its tapi healthy sorbet hehe, Hedon thereof nih! There marshmallow, popping boba which if bitten broken and jelly enakk .. Satisfied really eat very crowded because the contents of the bowl! Besides that we also pesen seger2 Crepes and Crepes it really big, fun to eat bareng2. Her crepes are also delicious! Kriuk2 and sweetness from chocolate also fitted.

Besides our traditional seasoning Cireng message, because the food Bandung cireng really! Cirengnya turned out somewhat different and better quality than the often ditemuin in pinggir2 path: D marinade is also very strong, cool for cemil cemal dirty grimy … Variety Indomienya rame2 we try unique, namely Java Noodles, cooked like noodles nyemek Indomienya style noodle Jowo complete with mixed vegetables. cooking cireng and pie susu.


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