Sajian Semur Ayam Lengkap Bumbunya

Sajian Semur Ayam Lengkap Bumbunya – Nut crops is one of the tropical plants are quite popular in Indonesia. Its presence is geographically spread across the south and south east asia asia such as Thailand and India. Plants included in species of palm – paleman or Arecaceae has many benefits for daily life – today. Nut tree leaves are used to treat pain and lack of appetite. Areca husk useful to treat give – give, and indigestion. While the betel nut can be used to treat malaria, diarrhea, and intestinal worms. With so many benefits and functions, this plant has a value large enough as a business commodity in the market.

Choosing Trees Growing Habitat Pinang
If you want to cultivate nut tree, the first step to do is provide a place to grow accordingly. Choosing the appropriate land is very influential for optimal growth of nut trees. Land most suitable for nut trees is low-lying land, ranging between 600 and 1000 m above sea level. Because it is a tropical plant, tree nut also requires a climate with rainfall and high humidity. Provide tanh with acidity ranging between 4-8 PH. Try to perform the irradiation for 6-8 hours per day in order to be stronger trees and plants are not sticking too high.

Sprouts grow a tree Pinang
The first step you must do after having land is reaping the seeds – seeds of palms so that germination. Plant seeds in the ground nut to land you deep as half a meter distances docked with the advance of the other seeds. Siramlah the seeds twice a day every morning and evening. Do not expose the seeds to direct matahri rays. Be made a patron or some sort of an umbrella to protect the growth of the betel nut. Keep the soil germination of pests or weeds to fence off the land. This process will continue for about 1.5 – 2 moon.

Seeding process Pinang
Once you find the land in accordance with the terms – the optimal growing condition, the next step is to perform the process of seeding. There are two main stages in the process of breeding areca tree. The first stage is to prepare a poly bag measuring 15 cm high. Give a hole in the bottom of the poly bag and fill it with soil up to 2/3. Polybag seedlings on and wait until the plant reaches the age of 5 months. The second phase is done by moving the nut seedlings over into the new polybag volume 6 kg and has filled up to 2/3 of fertile soil. Do not forget to flush and members of type NPK fertilizer with a dose of approximately 20g per polybag.


Pilihlah Rendang Daging Segar Untuk Memasak

Pilihlah Rendang Daging Segar Untuk Memasak – Some traits that can be found in this fruit is this plant has a height of about 3-8 meters, shaped shrubs, is an annual plant, plant stems hard, and has many ramifications. Leaves including single leaf, with green colored oval shape and shiny on the surface, while the lower part is rather pale green colored leaves.

Seeding or seeding kiwi fruit can be done in a way sow the seeds of kiwi. To help speed up the process of seeding, the seeds of the kiwi fruit we soak it first in warm water, then we dry. After that the seeds we save wrapped with tissue or cotton for one night. After that we remove the seeds earlier and start kit seedlings on the ground.

Good medium for seeding is soil humus. To do that we had scattered seeds evenly on the ground and let stand for ten days (until the sprouts and the leaves begin to grow). Keep in mind also that during the process of seeding should the seeds had been given shade to avoid direct sunlight.

How to maintain the plant species are classified as standard as other types of plants. Maintenance can be done with a weeding of plants that can be done once a month or depending on the intensity of weeds, tilling the soil which can be carried out simultaneously with the weeding, watering is done regularly and do not let the water dry, fertilization can be done by giving a good organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, the formation tree with cut branches or rantirng yan dense and unhealthy, and the protection of plants against pests and diseases.

Sajikan Sayur Lodeh Segar Untuk Keluarga

Sajikan Sayur Lodeh Segar Untuk Keluarga – Fortunately for us who were born in tropical countries like Indonesia. Because in addition to having extensive natural beauty also has abundant natural resources such as herbs that can be used as a cooking ingredient that is full of flavor. Also rich in a wide variety of exotic fruits and only encounter in tropical dareh. Enjoyment of the fruits in Indonesia in addition to having many properties also become an attraction for foreign tourists visiting Indonesia. Many ways to enjoy fruits, namely by eating the fruit directly, making it the material of juice, make a fruit salad typical of Indonesia namely Rujak, or by mixing them into a refreshing fruit soup.

Here, a variety of menus many until confused mesennya. From start-indomie Indomie’s, dessert-dessertan up snacks like cireng !!!! the typical emang Bandung really! Finally Ceritaperut team also brought a variety of orders, tapi was night and had dinner: D

Some of which we certainly catchy message One of the menu is Orgasm !!! wahh from its name already challenged nih: D It turns out this is a dessert with a mix of super diverse. Uniquely here ga-made ice cream but made sorbet! Sorbet is kind of like an ice cream its low fat once! The most healthy in between ice cream and gelato! So ga deh gembull be afraid to eat it: D

Eh its tapi healthy sorbet hehe, Hedon thereof nih! There marshmallow, popping boba which if bitten broken and jelly enakk .. Satisfied really eat very crowded because the contents of the bowl! Besides that we also pesen seger2 Crepes and Crepes it really big, fun to eat bareng2. Her crepes are also delicious! Kriuk2 and sweetness from chocolate also fitted.

Besides our traditional seasoning Cireng message, because the food Bandung cireng really! Cirengnya turned out somewhat different and better quality than the often ditemuin in pinggir2 path: D marinade is also very strong, cool for cemil cemal dirty grimy … Variety Indomienya rame2 we try unique, namely Java Noodles, cooked like noodles nyemek Indomienya style noodle Jowo complete with mixed vegetables. cooking cireng and pie susu.

Lets Try to Cooking Cireng and Pie Susu

Lets Try to Cooking Cireng and Pie Susu – Cake is a dish that is liked by almost all people in Indonesia. Creamy texture and sweet taste and delicious This makes the culinary connoisseur of food enjoyed this one. Simple cake which is used as a snack in your free time is indeed often a meal to look forward to, especially for the fans. Well, for mothers who want to try the Steamed Cake do not forget to continue reading this article yes, bun!

Bolu Steamed steamed cake or one cake or a steamed cake made from eggs and flour are mixed by means of processing in steamed. While this is indeed a lot of sellers steamed chocolate cake was good in the market and in pastry shops. Actually, steamed cake recipe itself is quite simple and practical. You just need a tool such as a mixer for mixing. To make this Steamed Cake also takes only 30-45 minutes.

The first step is to mix ingredients such as eggs and sugar, and mix using the mixer while stirring until evenly distributed. Also add the vanilla, salt and emulsifier, and then returned to the mixer and dough evenly mixed.
After that, take some dough, then mix used cooking oil to taste.
Then add the flour to the dough in the mixer was while stirring evenly, then mix with the dough has been mixed with cooking oil.
The next step is to prepare the pan first, then use a pad of paper rolls and apply butter to taste.
Then pour the entire dough in the pan and steam for 20 minutes. kue lumpur.

This is Make Kue Lumpur and Kue Lapis

This is Make Kue Lumpur and Kue Lapis – For those of you who claim to love Martabak, try the following recipe martabak cheese. Martabak does have good taste and delicious. One type of this cake taste better if combined with cheese. It is not surprising that many people who like martabak cheese. Because, martabak cheese can indeed spoil the tongue for the audience. Especially when it is still warm, it will be increasingly favors extraordinary. If you are a person who likes to eat cheese martabak, there is no harm if you make it yourself.

Besides Martabak Eggs Simple, Although many people who sell martabak cheese, try to make it yourself. By making it yourself, martabak cheese you eat more secure, better hygiene, hygienic and it is also more secure. In fact you can use cheese as much as you want, can be adjusted to taste. In contrast, if you buy, the cheese that is used may not be too much. To make this cheese Martabak, you can listen martabak cheese recipe below. Before that, prepare the following ingredients to make a special cheese martabak.

As tips for your home-made cheese martabak tasty, tender and soft should not be too hasty. When allowed to stand, let silenced in a long time. If too briefly then artificial martabak you will not be padded to the maximum. In addition, note also the sugar that you use as a topping or stuffing. Sprinkle sugar sparingly in order to taste the cheese can be felt clearly. That’s tips and recipes martabak cheese that you can see, may be useful for you fans of martabak cheese.

Bakwan Jagung The Delicious and Savory

Bakwan Jagung The Delicious and Savory- This time the admin will share how to make bakwan commonly called the Sunda plagues, remember not spider yes: D. food is definitely one you never see because a lot of the menjajahkan. usually in the artisan fried. Bakwan is one kind of fried her know. hehe .. makes this a fairly easy meal you know, the materials are also readily available, because the material of vegetables and other ingredients that you can buy in the shops nearby.

For you who want to make better prepare perlengkapanya and materials beforehand yes. refer to the following equipment and materials.

200 gr flour
1 tsp salt
½ tbsp grated garlic
1 teaspoon pepper
2 eggs, beat well
250 ml coconut milk

100 g bean sprouts, siangi, clean
100 grams of cabbage, thinly sliced
75 g carrots, sliced julienne
2 leeks thinly sliced

How to make
Enter the flour, salt, grated garlic and pepper in a container. Make a hole amid the dough, pour the beaten eggs into it. Stir in the same direction with a wooden spoon until blended.
Stir continuously while pour coconut milk little by little until the dough is flat, smooth and quite thick.
Enter the contents of materials, mix well.
Heat oil over medium heat, pour 1 tablespoon vegetable bakwan batter into the hot oil, fry continue to mature and brownish yellow. Remove and drain. Do the same for the rest of the ingredients. or you can try after this so easy.

How Do? easy not make bakwan vegetable? hm .. if it could be you could do other experiments in case you have a secret recipe for bakwannya and may differ from bakwan-bakwan other more valuable again

Special Ayam Bakar Recipe

Special Ayam Bakar Recipe – Material or grilled chicken seasoning is quite simple and easy to come by and usually your existing kitchen, Living buy fresh chicken and this is how to make the most easy and fast. Recipes can be cooked for daily as dishes for the family and a daily distraction. Mothers at home can be easily made.

Tips on How to make roast chicken with seasoning tasty and spicy sauce savory tasty delicious nan. The most rather complicated is burnt just prepare for this  but to get something special you need full dong struggle.

The main ingredient
1 chickens more fitting cut 8 pieces
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
2 stalks lemongrass, digeprek or crushed
5 lime leaves
2 cm galangal, digeprek or crushed
4 bay leaves
8 tablespoons sweet soy sauce brand of any kind
4 tablespoons tamarind water Java
250 ml coconut milk, taken from 1 coconut
2 tablespoons cooking oil brand what saj

Marinade mashed
7 cloves of garlic
10 shallots
3 large red chilies
1 tablespoon cilantro, roasted first
2 teaspoons cumin, roasted first
1 cm fresh ginger
2 cm fresh kencur
1 cm turmeric, burned
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon ground pepper
3 tablespoons brown sugar, powdered thinly sliced

How to cook
First of all fresh chicken should be washed and then coat with lime juice that has been provided as well as salt, letting it settle for 15 minutes, then wash and re-cock and drain it dry. Heat a little cooking oil, saute the ingredients are crushed before until fragrant, then enter the chicken also lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal and last leaves, cook until the chicken changes color.
If you’ve changed the color of the water Put tamarind also add soy sauce on top just enough, stir-stir until chicken is tender, then please lift.
The final step that determines – Roasted / grilled chicken until dark / mature (must use the feeling), at the time of baking spread with remaining seasoning. it’s done

Previous read well here ya grilled chicken meal has been finished this, everything can be done alone or the help of others, is the most exciting and steady if the show-do that would be more exciting and santapnya with spicy soy sauce.